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The following images are just a few samples of the content you will find in each of our publications. These thumbnails demonstrate how the material is laid out as well as the style of the presentation. Audio samples of the companion CDs that go with these books can be found here.

BUSH DANCE! is our flagship collection of bush, colonial and folk dances for ages 7 to adult. Listen to some sound samples here …



SOCIAL DANCE! is a collection of modern, old-time and novelty dances suitable for ages 7 to adult. Listen to some sound samples here …



RIG-A-JIG-JIG! is our dance collection for little kids (kindergarten to 7 years). Listen to some sound samples here …



The CAMPFIRE SONGBOOK is a collection of 100 sing-along songs from around the world. Click here for audio samples. Listen to some sound samples here …



BEST-EVER KIDS’ SONGS has 78 songs from Mike & Michelle’s gold/platinum album collection. The 2 CDs contain all the music from the original 3 albums. Listen to some sound samples here …



The SESSION TUNEBOOK: Books 1–4. A collection of over 300 tunes for fiddle, tin whistle, banjo, etc. The companion audio CD contains arrangements in both MIDI and AAC formats. Listen to some audio samples here …

The Session Tunebook – Book 1: Essential Jigs

The Session Tunebook – Book 2: Essential Reels sampstb2

The Session Tunebook – Book 3: Essential Polkas & Ceilidh Tunes sampstb3

The Session Tunebook – Book 4: Essential Hornpipes, Marches, Strathspeys & Airs sampstb4